Keys and pin numbers are no longer enough to ensure security and accountability for emergency narcotics access. Across the country, controlled substance inventory shrinkage is having a critical impact on patient care, staff integrity, liability, and the bottom line. This has led to regulatory demands for an access audit trail – MedixSafe offers unique, field-tested security technologies to meet those demands.

MedixSafe was created by Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.), a Memphis-based, electronic security and network cabling company with over 30 years in the security arena.

The History of MedixSafe

In the spring of 2009 through a series of circumstances Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.) was contacted by Fire Commissioner Ted Kets, Jericho, NY. Kets had a problem that needed a secure solution; he was responsible for securing and accounting for all the narcotics purchased by Jericho Fire Department and used on their ambulances.

Commissioner Kets was at the time considering purchasing a narcotics box manufactured by Knox Box. He was uncomfortable with the security of the Knox Box because it uses a single PIN code for each EMT, and therefore the problem is that anyone can watch an EMT enter their code and then they have access to the box.

Kets asked Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.) to build him a small narcotics cabinet that required dual identification to gain entry to the unit and increase its security by decreasing its ability to be compromised. He and some of the other EMT’s and Paramedics gave Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.) the dimensions they needed for the narcotics cabinet. The narcotics cabinet needed to be big enough to house the narcotics carried, yet small enough to mount easily into an ambulance or fire truck.

Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.) created a custom made narcotics cabinet per Jericho’s specifications with a dual credential device to gain entry into the narcotics cabinet. Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.) named the narcotics cabinet MedixSafe.

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Narcotic Safes

Narcotics cabinets are commonly called; narcotics safes, medicine lockers, medicine lock boxes, narcotics lockers, drug boxes, and knox boxes