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MedixSafe is the ambulance trade’s first, triple access security solution.  Incorporating biometrics, proximity card readers, and PIN pads – MedixSafe technologies allow for individual accountability and automated record keeping.


Keep Your Narcotics Safe and Secure…

Vanguard2 Ambulance Safe

MedixSafe Vanguard2

…and out of the hands of thieves, dealers, addicts, and even disgruntled or dishonest employees!

Only MedixSafe gives you the ability to protect the drugs in your ambulance from being stolen while alerting you to narcotic access and inventory in real time.

MedixSafe set a new standard for narcotics security when they introduced the ambulance trade’s first dual access security solution, the M1 Ambulance Safe, incorporating both a proximity card reader and PIN pad. The M2 Ambulance Safe integrates a fingerprint scanner, card reader, and PIN pad, allowing for the highest degree of individual accountability and assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations for automated record keeping


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