MedixSafe Announces Josh King New Manager of Production and Development

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Memphis, TN January 31, 2015

January 26, 2015 MedixSafe announced the appointment of Josh King as Manager of Production and Development. King brings 15 years experience in the electronic security industry.


Josh King

MedixSafe has been producing hi-tech narcotics cabinets since 2009 when a fire commissioner requested a more secure solution for narcotics storage. The M1 was built to meet those specifications. The MedixSafe M1 is the ambulance trades first, simplest dual access security solution, incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads.

MedixSafe has experienced continuous grow and now produces 6 different sizes with multiple access choices. The M-Series is the smallest with dimensions – 12W x 14H x 16D. The S-Series is the largest with dimensions 40W x 48H x 29.5D.

MedixSafe narcotics lockers are the most technologically advanced narcotic safes on the market. They are equipped with a stand-alone networkable TCP/IP based controller and designed to require combinations of fingerprint, PIN and/or Proximity Cards to gain access.


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