Medical Clinics And Surgery Centers Are Vulnerable To Narcotics Theft

caution logoWarning! Employees are stealing narcotic drugs to sell and for personal consumption. Recent arrests prove many medical and surgical clinics are not taking appropriate action to prevent or deter these thefts. Protect your company, employees, and patients by authenticating user access and documenting who has had access to your narcotics control cabinet, locker, or safe.

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5 Easy Steps to Securing and Accounting for Your Narcotics

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Manage Narcotics Inventory with Confidence

Selecting a method of controlling narcotics is an important decision. Achieving the desired results of authenticating and documenting access is the keystone in the decision making process. MedixSafe encourages you to be in no doubt that you are choosing a solution that will work when you need it to work. MedixSafe is a system that requires methods of entry that will allow you to manage your narcotics and make confident decisions when narcotics are missing and/or a discrepancy arises.

MedixSafe offers unique, field-tested security technologies

MX2 Narcotics Cabinet

Keys and PINs are no longer enough to ensure security and accountability for emergency narcotics access. Across the country, controlled substance inventory shrinkage is having a critical impact on patient care, staff integrity, liability, and the bottom line. This has led to regulatory demands for an access audit trail – MedixSafe offers unique, field-tested security technologies to meet those demands. MedixSafe manufactures high-tech narcotics cabinets and lockers used by clinics, medical offices, small hospitals, and emergency vehicles.

MedixSafe’s product line includes multiple sizes of narcotics lockers, cabinets, and vaults to fit your unique needs. After downloading this Free Report visit our product page to see sizing and security options. For more information on a narcotics security solution you can trust, contact us today!