MedixSafe Introduces New High Tech Narcotics Security Solution – Vanguard 2

(PRWEB) April 02, 2015

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 provides the ability to protect drugs from being stolen while alerting the administrator to narcotic access and inventory in real time

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 is available, a full line of narcotics safes, cabinets, and lockers to meet security demands – from stocking a large inventory at a medical facility down to an ambulance service keeping limited narcotics from falling into the wrong hands.

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 provides triple security-plus technology® with a wireless connection to your network and mobile devices that enables one to monitor narcotics access 24/7.

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 provides tracking narcotics inventory for audit purposes. Built-in software includes an SQL server database or can be easily integrated into an existing SQL server. The system automatically records and documents all activity, providing an accurate audit trail for the DEA and other authorities having jurisdiction.

The MedixSafe system administrator can remotely allow or deny access to any user in any MedixSafe Vanguard 2 unit connected to the network. Instant alerts can be set to notify you when narcotics are removed, the safe is tampered with, and/or any other activity occurs involving the safe – with an automatic message sent to your mobile phone or PC.



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