MedixSafe, Leading Narcotics Cabinet Manufacturer Moves to New Larger Facility

Press Release
PR WEB March 31,2014

MedixSafe moving to nearby warehouse for faster production and more storage for large orders.

MedixSafe outgrew their current space at 5455 Crestview Drive and found a larger space across the street at 1619 Bartlett Road. “We are continuing to grow and needed a bigger facility.” -Jim Turner, President/MedixSafe

High Tech Narcotics Cabinets

MedixSafe manufactures high tech narcotic cabinets. MedixSafe incorporates biometric fingerprint scanners, proximity cards and IP based remote management for better narcotics security protocols. While maintaining quick access to emergency medicines, MedixSafe technologies allow for greater accountability and automated recordkeeping – assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations.

MedixSafe currently offers narcotics cabinets in five sizes ranging from small ambulance safes to a large two-door triple access security solution for narcotics storage in pharmacies and clinics.MedixSafe – M1 is the ambulance trade’s first, simplest dual access security solution incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads. The M2 is the ambulance trade’s most technologically advanced triple access security solution incorporating both fingerprint scanners and PIN pads. The MX-series is larger than the M-series with all the same features. For larger need the ClinixSafe is perfect for small pharmacies and clinics. MedixSafe CW is the perfect solution for a wall mount application and the S-series is the largest MedixSafe at 48” x 40” x 29.5”

Location and Date

MedixSafe’s projected move date is May 31, 2014. Remember, same complex but new address;

The current address is at 5455 Crestview Drive Memphis TN 38134.

The new address after May 31, 2014 is 1619 Bartlett Road Memphis TN 38134.

For more information visit or contact Lindsay McCollum toll-free at 855-MEDIXSAFE.

Here is a map

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