MedixSafe Produces New MX-Series Narcotics Cabinet For Ambulance And Emergency Vehicles

Boston Globe –
February 28, 2014

MX2 Narcotics Cabinet

MX2 Narcotics Cabinet

MedixSafe MX-series is larger than the M-series with all the same features; Biometrics, PIN, and proximity card. Like the M series. MX technologies allow for individual accountability and automated record keeping – assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations. MedixSafe technologies allow for individual accountability and automated recordkeeping – assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations.

The MX size came from customer demand for an EMS stock safe that was larger than the M1/M2, but not as large as the C1/C2/CW. The MX is 4″ bigger in all directions than the M-Series. The dimensions are 12″W x 14″H x 16″D. All of the rest of the specs are the same as the M-Series. “I took this safe with me to the EMS show in NY last week, and it was a huge hit. Everyone loved this size for a stock narcotics safe.” Lindsay McCollum, MedixSafe – National Sales Manager

MX-series models include: MX1, MX1-HID, MX2, and MX2-HID. The MX2 combines the security and ease of scanning a fingerprint with the power and efficiency of remote network administration – not only enforcing authorized access, but tracing access for unprecedented accountability. Any PC-based computer, with internet access, can be equipped to remotely manage and monitor any number of mobile units. And each unit stores up to 50,000 events and will serve up to 1,500 users.

MX-series narcotic cabinets are made of heavy gauge steel construction with a durable powder coat finish. Each unit comes with pre-drilled holes for bolting to any structurally sound surface and come with a foam-padded insert for added protection of contents.

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Models –  M1   M2   MX1   MX2    C2   CW   S2

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