Narcotic Theft Continues To Plague Unprepared Departments

Narcotics theft today is rampant: as much as $1.8 billion in narcotics are stolen each year from cargo alone. That doesn’t include narcotics pilfered from fire trucks, ambulances, doctors’ and veterinarians’ offices, urgent care units, clinics, and hospitals.

April 25, 2015 The Columbus Dispatch reported – Columbus police are investigating the possible theft of narcotics from two Columbus fire stations after several bottles of painkillers disappeared within a 24-hour period. There is growing suspicion within the division that a firefighter or paramedic took the drugs. A review after the drugs disappeared found broken and malfunctioning locks in 13 ambulances. In some instances, the logs kept in fire stations of who had the drugs and when they were dispersed and records of how much was still on board were not kept up-to-date.

April 29, 2015 Dispatch News reported – A former Middletown paramedic was indicted for theft in office charges for allegedly stealing morphine from life squads in Middletown and Fairfield Twp. The fire and police departments conducted a thorough investigation and the paramedic eventually confessed, according to the chief. If he is found guilty he could face four-and-a-half years in prison.

Keys or PIN numbers alone are no longer enough to ensure security and accountability for emergency narcotics access. Across the country, reductions in schedule II drug inventories are having a critical impact on patient care, staff integrity, liability, and the bottom line.  This has led to regulatory demands for an access audit trail – MedixSafe offers unique, field-tested security solutions to meet those demands and keep narcotics safe.

Our newest solution is the MedixSafe M2 Vanguard. The M2 Vanguard is a M2 Narcotics Locker with a Vanguard 2 reader upgrade.

New Whitepaper, Veterinarian Clinics & Animal Hospitals Vulnerable To Narcotics Theft By Employees


New whitepaper explores security options to keep narcotics safe in veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals. Selecting a method of controlling narcotics is an important decision for administrators. Achieving the desired results of authenticating and documenting access is the keystone in the decision making process. MedixSafe provides a system that requires methods of entry that permits the management of narcotics with the ability to make confident decisions when narcotics are missing and/or a discrepancy arises.

Here is a direct link to the free whitepaper.

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MedixSafe Introduces New High Tech Narcotics Security Solution – Vanguard 2

(PRWEB) April 02, 2015

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 provides the ability to protect drugs from being stolen while alerting the administrator to narcotic access and inventory in real time

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 is available, a full line of narcotics safes, cabinets, and lockers to meet security demands – from stocking a large inventory at a medical facility down to an ambulance service keeping limited narcotics from falling into the wrong hands.

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 provides triple security-plus technology® with a wireless connection to your network and mobile devices that enables one to monitor narcotics access 24/7.

MedixSafe Vanguard 2 provides tracking narcotics inventory for audit purposes. Built-in software includes an SQL server database or can be easily integrated into an existing SQL server. The system automatically records and documents all activity, providing an accurate audit trail for the DEA and other authorities having jurisdiction.

The MedixSafe system administrator can remotely allow or deny access to any user in any MedixSafe Vanguard 2 unit connected to the network. Instant alerts can be set to notify you when narcotics are removed, the safe is tampered with, and/or any other activity occurs involving the safe – with an automatic message sent to your mobile phone or PC.



MedixSafe Announces Josh King New Manager of Production and Development

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Memphis, TN January 31, 2015

January 26, 2015 MedixSafe announced the appointment of Josh King as Manager of Production and Development. King brings 15 years experience in the electronic security industry.


Josh King

MedixSafe has been producing hi-tech narcotics cabinets since 2009 when a fire commissioner requested a more secure solution for narcotics storage. The M1 was built to meet those specifications. The MedixSafe M1 is the ambulance trades first, simplest dual access security solution, incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads.

MedixSafe has experienced continuous grow and now produces 6 different sizes with multiple access choices. The M-Series is the smallest with dimensions – 12W x 14H x 16D. The S-Series is the largest with dimensions 40W x 48H x 29.5D.

MedixSafe narcotics lockers are the most technologically advanced narcotic safes on the market. They are equipped with a stand-alone networkable TCP/IP based controller and designed to require combinations of fingerprint, PIN and/or Proximity Cards to gain access.


MedixSafe Introduces New High Tech Reader

MedixSafe, Industry Leader in Narcotics Security continues to integrate new technologies like fingerprint scanners, Wi-Fi, and now – inventory management.

(PRWEB) December 31, 2014

Memphis, TN: MedixSafe produces the most advanced narcotics cabinets in the world. This new scanner increases the complexity of security credentials and adds new features while maintaining fast and easy access for the user and administrators. The most noticeable advancement isnarcotics inventory management. This new reader tracks inventory, assists with inventory ordering, and increases accountability and compliance.

The MedixSafe now provides inventory tracking by time, date, and personnel. With remote access Administrators now have instant access to who, what, where, when, and why. MedixSafe also provides records and documents for DEA and AHJs.
Additions features include:

  • MedixSafe proven and field tested products and system
  • Fast fingerprint identification. (3,000 prints in 1 second)
  • Real time email notifications to smart phone or PC
  • Easy network integration using wireless network (Wi-Fi)
  • Remote access to any MedixSafe (network connection required)

MedixSafe offers six different size cabinets with a variety of configurations including the new reader. The MedixSafe M-series is the ambulance trades first, simplest dual and triple access security solution. Incorporating biometrics, proximity card readers and PIN pads. The smallest in line is the MS-series at only 8 wide x 7 tall x 10 deep.

The S-series is the largest at 48 high x 40 wide x 29.5 deep. The S1 has two separate compartments, each with their own access security solution. This allows for separation for daily use while maintaining a higher level of security for back-up quantities. Each compartment can be programmed with completely separate user credentials.

For more information contact MedixSafe directly at or toll-free 855-MEDIXSAFE.

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MedixSafe – Huge Success at EMS World Expo


MedixSafe was a big draw at this years EMS World Expo. The EMS World Expo was at Music City Center in Nashville, TN, November 11th-13th.

The show was great!

We met tons of people from all over the country. We has visits from current customers as well as many new interested parties. We even had a good number interested in the new readers that we haven’t given a name yet (more info below).



Did you enter to Win?

We also had a drawing and gave away a $200 speaker system.



New Reader

Yes, a new reader is on it’s way. The biggest feature is a revolutionary inventory tracking system and real time email notification for total accountability. Product names and detailed specifications will be released December 15, 2014.



Next Year

If you missed us at the Expo this year you can find us there next year but why wait. Visit us now at or talk to a live real person toll free at 855-MEDIXSAFE.

New Wi-Fi Pre-Deployment Site Survey

Lynchburg, VA
October 31, 2014

MedixSafe continues to lead the narcotics security market; integrating technology to make a great solution the best solution. MedixSafe introduced Wi-Fi in July 2012 and it has been very popular addition to their line of high tech narcotics cabinets. The new site survey helps ambulance and EMT administrators evaluate system requirements and network weaknesses before installation. The site survey can be found on the MedixSafe support page.

MedixSafe Wi-Fi promotes the power and efficiency of remote network administration, enforcing authorized access and tracing access for unprecedented accountability. The Wi-Fi is highly configurable and supports the widest range of security protocols making integration a snap. Supporting; WPA, WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise, and the widest range of certificate management support on the market.

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New Testimonial Page

Check out our new Testimonial Page!

testimonial page


New Testimonial Page features Customer Reviews and Facebook Recommendations.

After phenomenal feedback on our narcotics security products we have added a testimonial page to our website. Read some reviews or submit one of your own.

For more information on our product line of narcotics cabinets visit our products page.

MedixSafe Expands Internationally

CBS 7 WSPA Spartanburg, S.C.
August 31, 2014

MedixSafe has become very popular in the United States for ambulance safes and narcotics lockersElectronic Security Specialists has now expanded to offer the MedixSafe brand for distribution worldwide. “We have now shipped multiple orders to Canada and the United Arab Emirates.” Lindsay McCollum, MedixSafe Sales Manager

MedixSafe is a division of Electronic Security Specialists, a Memphis based, electronic security and network cabling company with over 30 years in the security arena. The MedixSafe World Headquarters will remain in Memphis, TN, as will the sales office, manufacturing plant, warehouse, and distribution center.


MedixSafe offers secure options that provide medical workers with safeguarding required for patient safety. Their high tech narcotic cabinets are available in 5 different sizes and many different configurations including; Biometrics, PIN, Proximity Card, Wi-Fi, Wall Mount, and Separate Compartments.

MedixSafe M1 is the ambulance trades first, simplest dual access security solution. Incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads, M1 technologies allow for individual accountability and automated record keeping assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations.

MedixSafe M2 is the ambulance trades most technologically-advanced triple access security solution. Incorporating both fingerprint scanners and PIN pads, M2 technologies allow for the highest degree of individual accountability and automated recordkeeping assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations.

MedixSafe MS series is smaller than the M1 and M2 with all the same features. Like the M series, MS technologies allow for individual accountability and automated record keeping. MedixSafe MX series is lager than the M1 and M2 with all the same features. Like the M series, MX technologies also allow for individual accountability and automated record keeping.

The largest in the MedixSafe family is the S-Series. The MedixSafe Biometric S-Series is the most technologically advanced Triple Access security solution for narcotics storage in pharmacies, clinics, ambulance companies, and law enforcement. The S2 Narcotics Cabinet incorporates Biometrics, PIN and/or Proximity Card to gain access. MedixSafe technologies provide the highest degree of individual accountability and automated record keeping. The S2 has two separate compartments, each with their own Triple Access security solution. Dimensions 48H x 40W x 29.5D

Electronic Security Specialists:

Electronic Security Specialists has the expertise to design, implement and install high-end, high-tech electronic security systems. Established in 1987, Electronic Security Specialists is a licensed low voltage contractor in Tennessee and Mississippi and is also licensed in Tennessee and Arkansas to install and service electronic security equipment which includes burglar & fire alarm systems, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems.

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Bag of Medical Supplies Stolen from a Robeson County Ambulance

Two charged with stealing medical supplies from EMS

July 24. 2014 
By Sarah Willets –

LUMBERTON — A bag of medical supplies stolen from a Robeson County ambulance has been recovered and two people have been charged for the theft, according to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

The bag, which was stolen on Friday, was in the back of a Robeson County Emergency Medical Services ambulance on McIver Road in Lumber Bridge while emergency responders were inside a home tending to a patient, a statement from the Sheriff’s Office said.

Sgt. G.D. Leggett went to the home, where emergency responders were able to describe a white Chevrolet Trailblazer driven by people seen near the ambulance, the statement said. The car passed by the home and Leggett followed it. Upon stopping the car, Leggett was able to see the bag, the statement said.