Jericho Fire Department

Letter from Fire Commissioner Ted Kets

Jericho FD uses MedixSafe

In the spring of 2009 Jericho New York Fire Department was about to buy 6 Knox Boxes. I just could not bring myself to purchase these boxes. I did not think they gave me the security and control I wanted. I contacted some people who are now known as MedixSafe and asked them if they could build me a dual controlled access box to my dimensions.

After a few prototypes we came up with a product I was happy with and we purchased the first MedixSafes. We have currently upgraded to the newest M2 HID WI-FI.  We are using 3 different access protocols for our paramedics, fingerprint & PIN, Card and Pin and key fob & pin. We are very happy with the MedixSafe products and service.

Ted Kets
Fire Commissioner
Jericho, NY

Jericho Fire Department Uses MedixSafe

Jericho Fire Department – repeat MedixSafe customer since 2009