Custom Safes

CUSTOM SAFES:  Built By Customer Requests

MedixSafe also provides CUSTOM SAFES built to specifications based on customer requests. Many of the models we currently sell were developed based on a specific customer request. See below how customer requests led to custom work and let us know if a CUSTOM SAFE would fit your business.



M Series:

The M1, our original MedixSafe, was created at the request of a customer when Jericho Fire Department in New York contacted us and asked us to build them an ambulance narcotics safe according to their specificationsFor more information about the M Series MedixSafe click here . . .

MS Series:

Brandon Matey with the Coronado Fire Department in San Diego County CA needed an ambulance safe as small as we could make it. So we designed the MS Series, which has now become our biggest seller.  For more information about the MS Series MedixSafe click here . .



MX Series:

The MX model was created for HEMSI- Huntsville EMS Inc. in Huntsville, AL. They requested a MedixSafe that had more space than the M series. We called it the MX because it is an extra-large M – 4 inches bigger in all directionsFor more information about the MX1 Series MedixSafe click here . . .


Custom MX with Weigand Output for Customers’ Own Access Control Panel:

We built a custom MedixSafe for Alberta Health Services- Peter Lougheed Center using the MX body. The customer wanted to connect to their own access control system and use their own software.  Our MedixSafe units have a built in Wiegand output for connecting to standard access control panels. For more information about the MX2 Series MedixSafe click here . . .

C Series:

The C Series ClinixSafe was created when John McGuire, our sales rep on Long Island NY, said he had several requests for something much larger than what we had available.

Customers were in need of a cabinet with interior shelves for storing narcotics in the EMS/fire station.  For more information about the C Series MedixSafe click here . . .



Custom C2 with Depository:

Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn NY requested a safe similar to one they had been using for several years – with updated technology and keyless access with audit trail.

They wanted their employees to be able to drop their narcotics box into it at the end of their shift, without actually having access to open the safeFor more information about the C2 Series MedixSafe click here . . .


CW Series:

The CW model was also a creation that originated from John McGuire.

He had several requests for a MedixSafe that could be mounted on the wall in a station and used to store a larger amount of narcoticsFor more information about the CW Series MedixSafe click here . . .



Custom CP:

This MedixSafe model was built at the request of Peripap, a medical distributor in Canada

We made the CP similar in functionality to the CW, but with custom dimensions specified by a new hospital that was under construction in Montreal, Quebec.

They ordered 84 safes, some of which we changed the direction of the door swing, with the below dimensions:

  • 24”H x 16”W X 8”D – 80 safes
  • 18”H x 16”W x 8”D – 4 safes

Key Care Cabinet & KARE:

We began developing the Key Care Cabinet after two customers, the US Department of Interior Museums and the Millington Police Department, purchased MedixSafes to secure their keys.  They liked our multi-credential access with remote software.  For more information about the Key Care Cabinet Series click here . . .

The KARE Key Enclosure, a variation of the Key Care Cabinet, is our latest product developed to connect to a customer’s existing HID access control system and softwareFor more information about the Key Care Cabinet Series click here . . .


Like these customer ideas and have some of your own? 

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