Key Care Cabinet

Key Care CabinetKey Care Cabinet the Electronically Controlled Key Cabinet:  Eliminate the Frustration of Keys

MedixSafe announces the new Key Care Cabinet which allows over 1,000 individual users to use multiple credentials or use biometric access to the Key Care Cabinet and provides an Audit Trail of 50,000 events.

Key Care Cabinet is accessible via Remote Ethernet Network and also has a Manual Key Override.

Key Tags for Key Care Cabinet have an extra-large snap open window and each tag holds multiple keys.   A new label can be exchanged on Key Care Cabinet without removing a key and key tags face out for easy identification of key(s).

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Key Care Cabinet will bring order and organization to your keys and allow access to everyone who should have it.  It will provide a way for you to know who has accessed the key cabinet and control your keys just as you control your drugs.

Key Care Cabinet gives you the ability to keep the wrong people out, lock people out instantly, and remotely unlock the cabinet.   Software is included.



The Key Care Cabinet and KARE are both made by MedixSafe

We at MedixSafe have been building and selling narcotics cabinets worldwide since 2008. We have thousands of satisfied users of our narcotics security products, so we began brainstorming about other problems they may have that we could help solve. After a couple of customers purchased our narcotics cabinets to secure important keys, we decided to evaluate our own issues with key control, in order to develop a product to help our customers facing the same dilemma.

What we had was a Key Organization Cabinet, not a Key Control Cabinet.

We had our own key control cabinet at our office. It was a joke. See the picture below. We had a cheap, low-end key cabinet. The key to the cabinet was in the door so that people could easily access the keys. It was essentially just a place to store and find keys, with no way of knowing who removed them.

KeyCarePhoto1Our Key Organization Cabinet

KeyCarePhoto2The inside of our key cabinet was an organizational and identification nightmare.

We decided if we were going to make a key cabinet, it needed to be much better- with more unique features and versatility than what was now available.

10 Gauge Steel Cabinet

We started with the metal cabinet itself. We decided that the construction of the cabinet needed to be stronger and sturdier. So, we built the entire cabinet out of 10 gauge steel.

There are some low-end key cabinets made completely out of 22 gauge steel. The best one we have seen has a door made of 11 gauge steel and a body made of 14 gauge steel. There are many others made of 16 or 18 gauge steel. But only the Key Care Cabinet is completely made of 10 gauge steel.

Key Tag and Key Rack Problem Solved

If we were going to make a key cabinet, we needed a permanent professional solution to the key tag and key identification problem, as well as a key tag rack.

  KeyCarePhoto3          KeyCarePhoto4
Key Tag Problem Solved             Key Rack Problem Solved

This attractive key tag has a snap open label window, and you can label each tag any way you choose. If you need to change the name on the key tag, just print a new label and insert it into the snap open label. Each key tag can hold more than one key, and the tags face out for easy identification. The Key Care Cabinet comes with a free software program for easily creating and printing your labels.

Above is a picture of one of two key racks that comes in each Key Care Cabinet. Each key rack has locations for 24 key tags, providing a total of 48 individually identified key tags. Each key tag can hold multiple keys.

Electronic Locking Device for the Key Cabinet

We now had a very strong and sturdy 10 gauge steel cabinet with a method of key tag identification that was professional, perpetual and attractive.  Next we had to consider what type of electronic locking device was the best.

After quite a bit of searching, we determined that a super high-quality polymer electronic locking swing handle was the best. This lock includes a multi-color LED status light with a manual key over-ride.


Pictured Above: Electronic Locking Swing Handle


Multi-Authentication Readers

MedixSafe was created to solve the problem of PIN-only access. Any key control cabinet that uses PIN-only authentication is not a secure cabinet. Anyone can watch someone enter their PIN number and then use it to gain access.

We took the large variety of multi-authentication readers we had on our MedixSafe products and incorporated them into our Key Control Cabinet. Every model can be set to require two different forms of authentication (PIN & Card) before access is granted. Some models have three authentication methods available (Fingerprint, PIN, and/or Card), and any combination of these can be required before access is granted.

Standalone or Networked

The Key Care Cabinet can function as a self-contained standalone device and can also be connected to an Ethernet network. The device can store 5000 users, and it has an event history of 50,000 events. When networked, users can be created and changes can be made remotely. Multiple Key Care Cabinets can be managed from one computer.

Free Software

The Key Care Cabinet comes with free access control software. An unlimited number of Key Care Cabinets can be administered by one user.

Individual Key Tracking

The last thing we needed to consider was individual tracking of each key. After looking at the key control cabinet market, we determined that there were plenty of high-end cabinets that tracked individual keys and there were plenty of low-end cabinets.

For a complete survey on key control cabinets see our free white paper.

When It Comes to Key Control, We’re in the Middle

We decided to make a key control cabinet that offered a middle of the road solution, which, until now, was not available. As described earlier, we have incorporated many important features. The only significant feature we have not included in our key cabinet is individual key tracking.

KeyCarePhoto6       KeyCarePhoto7

Key Care Cabinet with Fingerprint Reader


KeyCarePhoto8       KeyCarePhoto9

Dual Authentication PIN & Card – Triple Authentication PIN, Card & Biometrics


What’s in a Name?

We originally called our key cabinet MediKey. We soon found that we had a large amount of interest from people that were not existing MedixSafe customers. So, we changed the name to the Key Care Cabinet. The new name better describes the cabinet and its purpose, to help you take care of your keys.

That’s our story.  Hope you like it.  Buy one and try it.  You will like it too.

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