S2 Narcotics Vault

S2 Narctics Safe

Dimensions – 48”H x 40”W x 29.5”D

The MedixSafe Biometric S2 is the most technologically advanced Triple Access security solution for narcotics storage in pharmacies, clinics, ambulance companies, and law enforcement. The S2 Narcotics Cabinet incorporates Biometrics, PIN and/or Proximity Card to gain access. MedixSafe technologies provide the highest degree of individual accountability and automated record keeping. The S2 has two separate compartments, each with their own Triple Access security solution. The S2 allows for separation for daily use while maintaining a higher level of security for back-up quantities. Each compartment can be programmed with completely separate user credentials.

The S2 also combines the security and ease of scanning a fingerprint with the power and efficiency of remote network administration, enforcing authorized access, and tracing access for unprecedented accountability. Each compartment is equipped with a 1,000 lb. locking mechanism.

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