MedixSafe Now Offers US & Canadian Paramedics Multiple Solutions to Keep Narcotics Safe

Indianapolis Business Journal
May 31, 2013

MedixSafe currently offers narcotics cabinets in three sizes. All are made of ten gauge powder-coated steel (not aluminum) and require dual or triple access for entry. This means the user needs a combination of a PIN, proximity card and fingerprint scan to open the safe. MedixSafe units allow administrators to add, delete and modify users and download event history remotely from an administrator’s desk.

The M Series narcotics cabinets are the perfect size for mobile applications like an ambulance or fire truck. The M1 is the ambulance trade’s first, simplest dual access security solution, incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads. The M2 is the ambulance trade’s most technologically advanced triple access security solution. Incorporating both fingerprint scanners and PIN pads. Wi-Fi is also available on the M Series, which promotes the power and efficiency of remote network administration, enforcing authorized access, and tracing access for unprecedented accountability. The Wi-Fi option is highly configurable and supports the widest range of security protocols.

The C Series narcotics cabinets are the most technologically advanced triple access security solution for small pharmacies and clinics. Like the M2 Narcotics Cabinet, the C Series incorporates both fingerprint scanners and PIN pads. The larger C Series dimensions are 24″ tall x 18″ wide x 18″ deep.

The S Series narcotics cabinets also combines the security and ease of scanning a fingerprint with the power and efficiency of remote network administration. The S2 has two separate compartments, each with their own Triple Access security solution. The S-Series allows for separation for daily use while maintaining a higher level of security for backup quantities. Each compartment can be programmed with completely separate user credentials. Each compartment is equipped with a 1,000 lb. locking mechanism. Unit dimensions are 48″ high x 40″ wide x 29.5″ deep.

Keys and pin numbers are no longer enough to ensure security and accountability for emergency narcotics access. Across the country, controlled substance inventory shrinkage is having a critical impact on patient care, staff integrity, liability, and the bottom line. This has led to regulatory demands for an access audit trail – MedixSafe offers unique, field-tested security technologies to meet those demands.

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